Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's Unfailing Love

The bible mentions God’s unfailing love in many scriptures. Most of the scriptures come from the book of Psalm written by David. He desperately cried out to God to rescue him in his time of trouble. In those scriptures he spoke of God’s unfailing love like he was encouraging himself. Because of his circumstances, I think he was feeling like God has turned his back on him and forsaken him. (Read Psalm chapter 6)

We can’t go by how we feel; our feelings will lie to us! I know I have to say things to myself sometimes for encouragement when I don’t feel it. Just because we feel like God doesn’t love us doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love us…we just feel that way. The truth still remains the same…God loves us! We have to go by what we know is true! David knew that and he constantly reminded himself of this truth…that God’s love is unfailing.

Trust that God loves you! That is what his word says. Unfailing love…. Let that sink in a bit.

To fail is to….
o Weaken
o Fade or die away
o Stop or fall short
o Become absent or inadequate

We can’t comprehend the love that God has for us. NEVER will his love fade, die away, stop or fall short, become absent or inadequate. Unfailing is the OPPOSITE of fail.

His Unfailing love will….
o NOT weaken
o NOT fade or die away
o NOT stop or fall short
o NOT become absent or inadequate

Psalm 21:7 “For the king trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken.”

What a comfort! To know that God’s love for me will NEVER change and will ALWAYS stay the same and CAN’T be shaken.

To read more scriptures on God’s unfailing love read Psalm:
Chapter 6 (6:4) Chapter 13 (13:5) Chapter 21 (21:7) Chapter 31 (31:16) Chapter 32 (32:10) Chapter 33 (33:5,18,22) Chapter 36 (36:7) Chapter 44 (44:26) Chapter 48 (48:9) Chapter 51 (51:1) Chapter 52 (52:8) Chapter 77 (77:8) Chapter 85 (85:7) Chapter 90 (90:14) Chapter 107 (107:8,15, 21,31) Chapter 119 (119:41, 76) Chapter 130 (130:7) Chapter 143 (143:8, 12) Chapter 147 (147:11)


  1. Hey! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Great post - reminds me to be more thankful of God's unfailing love.
    God bless!

  2. Beautifully written! Reminds me of that song I love, "God's unfailing love". Proud of you - your blog is looking good, been using picnik havent you? :D

  3. So true, Krista. This is the one constant in a changing, unstable world - God's unfailing love! It's those times when we don't feel God's love that we need it the most. It's so comforting to know that God's love is unfailing and can never be shaken!


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