Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Artist At Work

Today I want to share my heart with you, something that the Lord has been tugging on my heart to change.  The past few months I have been convicted of something that I have never been convicted of before and it all started when I opened up my mouth and uttered a phrase that I haven’t forgotten since. 

Like any other morning, I was driving to work and turned into the parking lot to park my car and noticed this person who wasn’t very attractive and like most people’s reaction I said to myself “ugh, that person is so ugly.”  As the words left my lips Jesus spoke into my heart and said, “That is my creation you are talking about; my work of art”, and I felt so terrible that I had said something so awful and basically criticized God’s creativity and capabilities.

From that moment on I decided to never speak of God’s creation in a negative way ever again.  That person shouldn’t be judged or criticized by us; all that matters is that God thinks they are beautiful because He created them.  We are all uniquely made inside and out, and we are His pride and joy…His work of art.

Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hands.”

This scripture says the heavens are proudly announcing and showing their appreciation of His marvelous art work (His creation) and the skies are giving their approval and making it known.  He is our Artist and we are all His work of art.  He loves us.  He’s proud of what He has created and we should be too.

God is our Creator; He is The Artist!!! 

We should have an appreciation of His art and beauty; not just the mountains, waterfalls, sunsets, stars in the night sky, Grand Canyon, but the people He created too.  We are His work of art!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Laced with Grace....I Don’t Buy That Lie

Today I shared a devotion over at Laced with Grace entitled “I Don’t Buy That Lie”.

Satan doesn’t just temp us on the obvious things like to tell a lie, smoke cigarettes, talk bad about someone, or cheat on a test.  He tempts us with less obvious things like when you are facing difficulty in life and everything seems to be falling apart.  He comes along and whispers lies into your ear to lure you out onto his slippery pathways with one objective in mind…..for you to fall.  Yes, he plays dirty.  He kicks you while you’re down. 

In those moments in life, that is when Satan runs as fast as he can to get to your ear and fill it with lies and deception.  He tries to convince you that God has abandon you and no longer loves you.  He tries to convince you that your situation is hopeless and will never change and never get better.  He tries to discourage you when you need encouragement the most.  He pushes you down, right at that moment you need a helping hand.  He tries his best to drag you down as low as he can drag you so you are discouraged and hopeless of your situation. 

Satan will drag you as far as you let him!

Yes trials are hard, no doubt, but the Lord has shown me something different in this scripture today.  I’ve never thought about it like this before, but the reason we feel so weak, hopeless, fearful, discouraged and faithless........

Click here for the rest of the devotion!

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