Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laced with Grace….Get Moving

Today I shared a devotion over at the Laced with Grace entitled “Get Moving”.

Hospitals are for the sick to come and get well.  Once they are well, they leave.  Wouldn’t it be so silly once you got well, if you just stayed there?  It’s not a resort; it’s place to help the sick get well. 

I think churches are a lot like hospitals for the lost.  Churches are established all over the world so the sick (lost) can come and get well (saved).  For those that are not well, can come and learn the life changing truth of Jesus Christ and no longer be lost, but found!!

Churches aren’t for the ones that know the truth, to go and sit on the pews for the rest of their lives.  That’s not our calling.  That’s not the instructions the Bible gives us.  If you know the truth you have a responsibility to take your place in the body of Christ and make a difference in the kingdom of God.  In Mark 16:15 you will find specific instructions from Christ telling us what He wants us to do with this life changing truth.

Click here for the rest of the devotion!

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