Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I shared a devotion over at the Laced with Grace site entitled “T.R.U.S.T.”.

I remember at school the teachers would break us up into teams and one student would get behind another student and we would close our eyes and fall back, trusting that the student behind us would catch us as we fell back. 

Has anyone ever done this? 

Well I have and it’s not so easy trusting that some random student that you don’t know and that doesn’t seem to want to participate will be paying as much attention as he should when I fall back for him to stop me from slamming into the ground!

 This five letter word T.R.U.S.T. has been putting me to the test!

Trust is to put your complete confidence in someone knowing they won’t let you down.  Trust is to fall back without doubting that the student behind you will catch you so you don’t hit the ground.  It might be a little hard trusting a second grader to break your fall, but if it were God behind you waiting for you to fall; you can trust that He will be there to catch you so you don’t hit the ground. 

It would be easier wouldn’t it? 

It’s easy to say that you trust God until… that dreaded call… that unwanted illness… that scary news… 

I have 7 days until my last day at work and the clock is ticking.  I have searched and applied, called, emailed many places submitting my resume and applying for positions… but still no job.

That five letter word T.R.U.S.T.  is the only thing I am holding onto right now.  It’s the only thing keeping me from getting stressed out, worrying myself to death, and imagining all the what ifs.  We must trust God to fulfill our needs and provide for us.  He knows that I only have 7 days left, He knows how many bills we have, and He has never let me down... EVER!!

Looking back at all the times He has miraculously provided should assure me that He will provide this time just like all of those times. 

Psalms 56:3-4 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; shall I not be afraid…” ESV

Over and over again you will find in His Word that He keeps His promises and will provide on time… not our time, but His time.

Daniel trusted God would protect Him in the den of lions even though the lions hadn’t eaten for days…God protected him and shut their mouths!

Noah trusted God that there would be rain and continued to build the ark without ever seeing a drop of rain in his life…God let the rain pour!

Joshua trusted God that the walls would come tumbling down after marching around 7 times…God let those walls crumble to the ground!

It’s a scary situation and even though I am human and naturally would worry about something like this, I have a sense of relief because I can look back at His consistent pattern of promise keeping in my life and read His Word and find comfort in knowing that He is trust worthy, I can rely on Him, and He will never fail me.  I have been re-learning all over again that He is in control and I can trust Him and rely on Him to provide and provide on time. 

You can also read this devotion over at Laced with Grace

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