Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WFW...Plan to protect

Proverbs 14:15 “The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” – NIV

IN MY WORDS “The people that believe everything they hear lack knowledge and wisdom, but the people that think ahead to where they are going are smart, full of wisdom and are making wise decisions for their selves.”

We must plan to protect ourselves from getting into trouble or situations that could cause us to mess up.  Temptations are everywhere we go and everywhere we look.  This sinful world we live in makes it harder each day that passed to stay far away from temptation.

Sometimes we are full of self-confidence and think that we are strong, but in reality we are much weaker than we realize and don’t realize it until it’s too late and the damage has already been done.   We may think that some things in our lives are innocent and wouldn’t pull us into a deathly trap of sin.  Sadly we are wrong about many choices we make that seem harmless, but in reality they are more dangerous than we think.

The bible tells us to plan ahead and think long and hard about our daily choices.  By carefully examining what we allow ourselves to be involved in every day. 

What we allow our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our hearts to soak up will lead us down the path of life or death.  What we expose ourselves to in this sick and twisted world we live in will affect our relationship with God and the path we travel. 

Lamentations 3:40 “let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” – NIV

IN MY WORDS “You should take a survey on the direction you are heading in and inspect closely and question every road you have turned down testing the condition of each direction you have traveled, and then go back to the Lord.”

Where are you going and what are you doing on a daily basis?  What things are you involved in that temptations are much greater than other things that you are involved in?  What are you allowing your eyes, ears & heart to be exposed to?  Are there things in your life that you need to re-consider if they are dangerous and not as innocent as you thought?

Examine your choices and activities in all areas of your life.  Pick through carefully everything that you are exposed to daily.  Make a healthy decision and decide what need to hit the road!  Your life depends on it!

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  1. Amen, preach it!!! Great word for today, and yesterday, and tomorrow :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You are preaching a good word here! We must never let our guard down and always be prepared. We should never be confidence in our own strength but only God's strength!

  3. You are so right. We plan our clothes for the next day but so often we do not at the same time put on our spiritual weapons.
    I so often race to Church, especially when I am in the worship team and there is one set of traffic lights. I have trained myself to somehow jerk awake to my need to be so thankful for the red that covers my sins, and so often it causes me to say, I am so sorry Lord, I have raced into this day to serve you, but have not yet said good morning. I love my traffic lights...I do not do mornings very well.....LOL.

  4. Wonderful message to reflect, you're right we need to be very careful with the decisions we make everyday because the choices we make today will have an impact on the rest of our life,

    Thank you for sharing this



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